EcoFocus Makes It Easier With Strategic Consulting & Exclusive Data

EcoFocus Scorecards for Brands
Qtr’ly or Annual read-outs on Key Performance Indices

EcoFocus Marketing Tools
Year 2020 Roadmap for Sustainability™
EcoFocus Innovation Pipeline™
Lifestyle Segmentation & Benefit Platforms
Product Use, Need States, Brand / Category Drill-downs

Ongoing Trend Research and Consumer Immersion
Exclusive questions and Proprietary analysis (for Sponsors)
Reporting customized to answer questions important to your business
New Product Concepts, and Scenario Building

Senior EcoFocus Consultation:
In person presentations of findings / recommendations
Hands-on strategy, implementation, acceleration workshops
Prepare for Annual Operating Plans, Innovation Platform Plans
Future Ideation, Landmine & Opportunity Alerts

“Virtual EF”
For last-minute phone consultations, data pulls