Speaking Engagements

Where’s The Green, free webinar hosted by FMI/GMA
June 19, 2013, 1pm EST

Presenting results from an ongoing and newly updated consumer trend study conducted nationwide among 4,000 plus grocery shoppers, covering 33 grocery retail chains in the USA.

FMI/GMA Global Sustainability Summit
Five Ways to Find More Green in the Grocery Aisle< August 14-16, 2013
The Westin Seattle
Seattle, WA

How can retailers and manufacturers close the gap between what consumers say and what they do when it comes to sustainability? Linda Gilbert, CEO for EcoFocus, will share new research on grocery shoppers and their eco-expectations and actions when shopping the grocery aisle to show what you can do to put more green products into shopper’s hands – and add more green $$$ to the bottom line.

Global Food Forum’s 2013 Clean Label Conference
From Walmart to Whole Foods: What Shoppers Are Looking For
October 29-30, 2013
The Hyatt Lodge
Oak Brook, IL

Using multi-year trend data, this presentation looks at what is important to shoppers as segmented by the grocery chains they patronize. Discover the importance that shopper’s place on various label attributes and natural choices and how products on the shelves impact perceptions of grocery retailers and shopping behavior. Shoppers segments studied include those frequenting big box stores (Wal-Mart, Costco and Target), regional chains (Publix, Safeway and Kroger) and natural grocers (Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.)