Are You Ready for EcoAware Moms?

A powerful trend is emerging. Many of today’s parents feel being eco-friendly is part of setting a good example for their children as well as leaving a legacy behind. For the EcoAware Moms, cleaning up your room isn’t just about making your bed anymore; it’s about recycling cans and repurposing old clothes.

The latest EcoFocus Trend research shows nearly 3 in 4 American parents agree ” when my kids are grown, I want them to remember me as teaching them to be environmentally responsible”. More than 4 in 5 parents agree “it’s important for my children to understand the impact they have on the environment based on the choices they make”.

Eco-choices are resulting in surprising benefits, from health to quality of life. EcoAware Moms say they are spending more family time together and that being eco-friendly gives them teachable moments with their kids.