For more information about how to get Ecofocus research and consulting workng for you company, call or email Linda Gilbert at (727) 906-3319 or


For information about putting the EcoFocus consumer perspective to work for your business call or email Linda Gilbert at (727)906-3319 or

  • Mainstream consumers, are already “taking steps” in hope of a brighter, bluer future.

    Second nature stuff
    Turning off lights (Always or often) 88%
    Using curbside recycling 86%
    Turn off water when brushing teeth 66%
    Use reusable water bottles 56%
    Use reusable bags 42%

    More effort needed
    Unplugging electronics 39%
    Walk, bike instead of drive 22%
    Collecting rain water 15%
    Car pooling 20%

    My World, My Life™

    My World, My Life™

    The EcoFocus My World, My Life™ consumer point of view offers a unique lifestyle approach to marketing success – to develop, target, and position the eco-friendly solutions that mainstream consumers want and need.

    From finding low hanging fruit to game-changing innovations, clients use our expertise on the personal side of sustainability for marketplace advantage:

      We provide strategic consulting and proprietary trend data

      We know where consumers are and where they are headed

      We are the go-to source for the My World, My Life™ consumer perspective