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    Trend Opportunities & Risks
    SWOT Analysis
    Competitive GAP Analysis
    Future Scenarios
    Multi-Country Strategy


    Consumer Target Immersion
    Scorecards and Brand Ratings
    Consumer GAP Analysis
    Consumer Value Propositions
    Lifestyle Segmentations
    Attitudinal Archetypes


    Collaborative Trend Survey
    Proprietary & Custom Data
    Single / Multi-Country Analysis

    ** Nidumolu, Prahalad, and Rangaswami’s study published in Harvard Business Review, shows that companies who treat sustainability as a goal and a
    competitive advantage today, go through five distinct stages of change. Click here to go to to download HBR Reprint R0909E

    Innovate with Sustainability

    Sustainability – The Next Innovation Driver

    Companies around the world are already making their operations and value chains more sustainable. Their challenge ahead and for the foreseeable future is to add consumer value and competitive advantage to brands and products through sustainability benefits.
    EcoFocus brings the needed consumer expertise and strategic tools to help companies plan for and navigate Stages 3, 4 and 5. Our strategic tools, trend data and future roadmaps provide solid springboards for innovation and leadership:

      Designing Sustainable Products

      Developing new Business Models

      Creating Next Practice Platforms