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    Thursday, October 7, 2010 @ 03:10 PM
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    Executive Bios

    Linda Gilbert (727) 906-3319, Founder and CEO

    Linda Gilbert (727) 906-3319 is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of EcoFocus Worldwide. She has more than twenty years experience providing multi-national market leaders with insights on consumer perspectives and has commonly been referred to in the industry as the “consumer voice” that keeps them on track with trends impacting their business. She has designed groundbreaking research and created marketing tools in consumer health and wellness, including a consumer segmentation which has been used by clients worldwide since 1990. Additionally, she is the founder of HealthFocus International which she sold in 2001. Linda has worked for Organic Gardening Magazine, as well as the Rodale Institute of Sustainable Agriculture, and National Academy of Sciences’ sustainable agriculture program. She is a sought after speaker and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Advertising Age, Food Processing Magazine, as well as other venues.

    Ray Wolf, COO

    Ray Wolf is the Chief Operating Officer of EcoFocus Worldwide. He has over thirty five years of entrepreneurial, sustainable agriculture, corporate new business development, market research, and energy conservation experiences. He was founder and President of Sweet Heat Spice Company which was featured as an INC. Magazine “Company to Watch”. Ray is a sustainability expert, having developed numerous consumer communications for home and garden lifestyle publications. As a former editor of Organic Gardening and Farming magazine, Environmental Action Bulletin, and Compost Science magazine, he was intimately involved in the early organic farming and environmental movements in the US. Ray developed two of the first books on sustainability and organic farming. Ray has authored/edited more than a dozen books on energy conservation and solar energy. He developed the award winning energy conservation site for homeowners,

    Lisa Harrison, Consumer Research and Insights Leader

    Lisa Harrison is the Consumer Research and Insights Leader for EcoFocus Worldwide. Before joining EFW, Lisa was a sought after consumer insights leader for corporate giants such as Kraft, ConAgra, Quaker and, most recently Tropicana-PepsiCo. With over 20 years experience in quantitative and qualitative consumer research techniques as well as marketing and product development, Ms. Harrison has offered her clients a keen understanding into the heart and minds of the consumer target.